Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome, Delaware County Times Readers

I am happy to join the family of bloggers linked to the biggest daily news source in Delaware County. The Daily Times is the "go-to" page for finding out what is happening in our corner of the world.

Unfortunately, many times the news is not good. We read stories about crime, about problems in our schools, about the economy and joblessness.

And many times we read stories about drugs.

And addiction.

And alcoholism.

What we don't read about often enough is Recovery.

Yes, people do recover from addiction and alcoholism; from gambling and other forms as well. A national survey estimates as many as 10% of the total population identifies as being in recovery.

In Delaware County, that adds up to about 60,000 people.

60,000 clean, sober individuals.

In this blog I have written about many facets of addiction and recovery for the past few years. I will continue to do so, and invite you to join the dialog.

Welcome aboard, Delco!

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