Saturday, May 26, 2012

Have A Good Time, But Remember....

Nobody likes fun more than me. That's a fact. Ask anyone who knows me.

I'm one of those freaks, the party actually started after I stopped drinking!

Which explains why it is hard for me to write about some concerns that parents should rightfully have about their children during the hazy, lazy days. I mean, who wants to be Debbie Downer, right?

But the reality is that in the summer when the school year is over and the rules are relaxed, the time is right for fighting, and dancing in the streets, usually fueled by alcohol.

Swimming, boating and car accidents related to alcohol increase exponentially. As do DUI arrests. And don't get me started on pot and pot busts. Let's just say that the wrong people (usually kids) smoke the most pot during the summer and get arrested   more than anyone else. No fun.

So like the old song said, have a good time but remember.

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