Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Good Drug!

We have one hell of a history with alcohol.

About 4000 years worth, give or take a millennium.

It's what gets us through the rough times and helps celebrate the good ones. It's mentioned approximately 248 times in the bible (more than bless, but slightly less than sin.) It's been the object of numerous crusades, both by prohibitionists who managed to outlaw it by constitutional amendment; and by moonshiners who started an armed insurrection protesting it's taxation. (The prohibitionists won, for a while; the moonshiners lost.)

It's a major cause of death among kids with cars, the drug of choice at all sports events (imagine dancing syringes of heroin during halftime at the Superbowl.) There's a strong chance that if it went before the FDA for approval as a new drug it would get laughed out of the process. Imagine the questions at the trials:

  • Q. And what, exactly does this alcohol do?
  • A. It produces a warm glow and feelings of well being, then proceeds to attack every major organ in the body, leads to cirrhosis, brain and nerve damage and death. Not to mention depression, delirium, DT's and dead weight falls.
  • Q. Hmmmm....this doesn't sound good.
And it doesn't. Yet that warm, good glow is what we crave, and in moderation, what we get. But that doesn't mean that we should overlook the other dangerous consequences.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and the links below are helpful in doing just that, making us more aware of the potential dangers of alcohol use, especially among the young. 

It may be our good drug, but it's still a drug.

For more information, click on these links:

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