Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Million

A story I posted Thursday from reported that 10% of all Americans identify themselves as recovering from an addiction.

That's 30 million people. Think about that: 30 million.

That's more than the combined populations of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

30 million votes are a significantly higher number than the winning margin of the popular vote in every Presidential election in history.

Sweden, Denmark, Afghanistan, North Korea, Switzerland and Austral; all with populations well below 30 million.

If there is enough of us to win an election, fill a city or populate a country, then how come we are doing such a lousy job of making our presence felt?

Have you heard a politician--just one politician--say anything substantial whatsoever about addiction or recovery? Have you had someone close to you need treatment for a substance use disorder, only to encounter lengthy waiting lists for treatment beds? Or ridiculous admission criteria? Or an insurance company that agrees to the need for treatment but simply refuses to pay?

And that is just one little area. Whether you think about the courts, social approbation, issues related to health and welfare--ask yourself what other special interest group of 30 million people would let itself be so rudely treated. Ask yourself what 30 million votes could accomplish.

30 million. Just a thought.

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