Thursday, February 11, 2010

Extra, extra, read all about it!

I have been snowed in.
That doesn't happen too often in Philadelphia. Here in the City of Brotherly Love & Cheesesteaks, we aren't exactly in the middle of the snow belt. We get a really good storm once in a while, but--well, look at it this way: the three snowstorms that we have had since last Friday have dropped as much snow on our little burg, as we have had in the whole last four years combined.
More than Buffalo, NY.
So, things have slowed down quite a bit. And as you can see if you scroll down a little, I have been traversing the blogosphere. There are so many good recovery-oriented blogs out there that you could take days and days just to get caught up. By no means are the selections below inclusive--quite the opposite! They only scratch the surface of the rich and deep treasure trove of discussion, disclosure, near-despair and spirituality, that are the every day reality of the addict and their families. Some, like An Addict In Our Son's Bedroom, and Fight Of Your Life, are so good that I get the Intervention families I am working with to read them in order to learn about enabling, addict behaviors, the values of faith and support, the disease of addiction and the importance of sharing. It works, too. They come back after spending some time with the blogs saying things like, "I never knew that anyone else had ever gone through anything like this," or "now I feel like I am not alone!"
So, read on, dear friend. I hope you find something that you like, or that makes you feel like you are not alone, or makes you uncomfortable in a good way.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. I'm catching up on your blog. There are many excellent recovery blogs. In fact, often too many to get to in a day. Hope that you don't get socked by another storm.


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