Thursday, April 16, 2015

Revival Maybe

So,  how come you stopped writing that great little blog, The Interventionist? Did you stop doing interventions? Go out of business? Dry up and have nothing to say?
What is this,  multiple choice? Okay, so I stopped writing for a while. What's the big deal?
You sound defensive.
Do not.
Do too.

That, or  some approximation, is what's been going on in my  head for the past year or so. It hasn't been resolved, but it is time to write myself out of a long dry spell. I started this blog with the intention of bringing addiction treatment into the 21st century.
I failed. Treatment remains as rooted in psychosocial superstition as ever.  Most rehabilitation centers are committed to methods consistently proven to be ineffective and dominated by finance rather than patient need.
It's time to begin looking at addiction and recovery in a new context.
A bigger context.

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  1. I see hope of a sort ahead. My recovery date is 11/24/1976 and I went to a home for recovering females (6 of us) when I was 3 months sober. With the new money from Obamacare, I believe more attention will be given to the treatment (?) being offered now. Atlantic magazine seems to be spearheading a lot of this and I am starting to see references to why if it is a disease, there is so little medical help. Not that that would be a big improvement but the scurtiny helps, I think.