Monday, November 18, 2013

More on Addiction and Suboxone from the New York Times

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  1. What a comprehensive article. I've read many on both suboxone and methadone, as I once worked in a methadone clinic. The ball and chain metaphor mentioned in the article rings true for me. Cash cow is another reference I will not deny. Frankly, it was not the place for me - too many ethical contradictions. While we UA'd the patients frequently, if I were to keep the patient accountable by giving him consequences, the program director would override my decision, hence I was left with limited credibility with my patients. In other words,, use THC daily, sell your methadone, and fail bottle checks,, but we'll still keep you on a caseload. I became fearful for the lives of some of my patients who had earned weekly take-outs; there were rumors the client would do all seven days in the cab ride home that he shared with another patient. I'm supposed to turn my back on that. . I love the success stories, but I saw too much patient abuse. Just wasn't the population I wanted to work with. Suboxone, however, is gaining popularity here in MN, especially since Hazelden began implementing and offering it in their program. I see it as harm reduction, and not for everybody.