Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Of Salts And Spice--More on Synthetic 'Legal Highs'

Earlier this week, I wrote about the so-called Legal Highs: bath salts and aromatic potpourris, clearly marked "Not For Human Consumption" but marketed with a wink and nudge to informed stoners who want to beat criminal charges and urine tests. They will get you high, mimicking the effects of Ritalin, cocaine, Ecstasy and marijuana. But if something goes wrong, well, who the hell would smoke or snort a bath salt, anyway?
 For some years now, K2, or Spice, as been the most popular of the synthetic cannabis alternatives. 
So popular, that an increasing number of states have banned the sale of K2. But before we go dancing in the streets and declaring a victory for the War on Drugs, guess what? The same creative chemists who brought us K2 and Spice have created a new product!

Barely Legal Incense!! The word is that it is even more potent than K2. "Spiced Up", you might say. With a couple of molecules switched here and a compound changed there, it slips through the ban on Spice because it is a different product!

And besides, it's clearly marked 'NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION'. (nudge, wink...)

Follow the link to read the whole story: Partnership for a Drug Free America: Synthetic Marijuana


  1. Interesting layout on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and also I will be back to read more in the future.

  2. well pots not a bad thing an it shoudnt be illegal, if it was legal then people wouldnt be wasting time or money on hazerdous stuff like this, even though it legal, its un-natural, unlike pot.

    1. Anonymous,
      Well said. The thing is that moving pot of the Schedule 1 Narcotic List takes a lot more than good intentions and words. Get involved!

      Thanks for the comment,

  3. I just bought my spice incense these a short time. I have used about 50 % a joint and it developed me feel out of the ordinary. I undoubtedly not had this sort previous to because all i ever smoked was weed. I tend not to think its far too bad. It gave be a weird feeling subsequently like I was just pleased. But coming off it feels like your just transporting. An I have never got that feeling from weed. So i was just thinking on your own is this really regular.

    1. Ryan, some good advice from a long-term substance abuser: "If it feels weird, and not in a good way, that means it's not for you. Don't do any more of it."

      Anything marked as NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION is bound to have a few glitches.