Monday, February 28, 2011

Come As You Are.

PRYSM is a youth center for gay and lesbian young people; transgender, bisexual kids as well as kids questioning their sexuality and their straight friends and other allies. 
In other words, it's a place where young people are welcome to come as they are, without fear of judgment or discrimination. The adults who are involved are among the most decent and caring people I have ever known. PRYSM has social activities and support groups and information and an atmosphere that is big on self-esteem and self acceptance. In some of these kids' lives, it may well be the only environment they encounter with those qualities. I am sure we can all remember the fate of the kid who was "different" in high school. As Thomas Wolfe said, "There are none so cruel as unthinking youth."

Or as a gay teen said to be, "I can spend a whole day and never see one other gay thing."

We are very fortunate to have PRYSM in our Delaware County Community.

PRYSM is holding a fundraiser on March 22nd. If you click the link above it will lead you to the home page, where you can get more information. In this age of scarcity, please be generous with this valuable organization that practices a true generosity of the spirit and the heart.

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