Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hiatus over--I'm back!

A funny thing happened on the way to this post.

Okay, not so funny--Pneumonia. I collapsed. spent two weeks in the hospital, returned home with the energy level of a newborn and a bucket of medications to keep me breathing. I am just beginning to get back to work, slowly and cautiously. Three days a week are the best I can do for now; I hope to step it up to four next week.

My wife has been great, and so have my friends. People have stepped up in ways that are truly humbling to me, and fill me with gratitude. I could write all day and never be able to express the relief that I got because people were looking out for me, my wife, the families I work with. I can only hope that I could be half as good and loyal a friend when it's time to reciprocate.

So, cautiously, I am saying that I'm back. I hope you haven't lost interest, because I am ready to resume the conversation.

Let's talk soon!


  1. So glad you are on the road to recovery!! You're blog was one of the first I stumbled onto as I stumbled into the whole blogging community. I look forward your future posts!!

  2. Glad you are back and hope you continue to get stronger each day.